Local Amenities


If you are after a tea or coffee and a location to meet, then Cafe H2O / Malvern Hills GeoCentre in the same building offers pleasant surroundings with free Wi-fi.



In addition to Cafe H2O at the Centre itself, there are several other places nearby to eat. The Wyche Inn and The Chase Inn are both within walking distance, offering bar meals and a local pint. There are also more pubs, hotel bars, and a cafe in Colwall village (about 1-1.5 miles down the hill), and of course there are numerous options in Great Malvern.



There is plenty of Hotel and B&B accommodation in Malvern and Colwall. The Wyche Inn, Colwall Park Hotel, and The Cottage in the Wood are all nearby with more in Great Malvern. There is a local consortium of Bed & Breakfasts, and The Dell House is one example fairly nearby. 


For more information about the Malverns, visit www.malvernbeacon.com.

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